Removing hazardous spills has never been easier thanks to SpillFix

SpillFix® Organic Absorbent

Removing hazardous spills has never been easier thanks to SpillFix ® Organic Absorbent. Produced by American Green Ventures, (US) Inc, the product was previously only available to industrial users but has now been made generally available to the public via the JEGS website and catalog. (more…)

Organic industrial spill absorbents offer enhanced performance and safety

Organic absorbents include products made from coconut husks, newspaper, sawdust, cellulose fiber, cotton, wood pellets, etc. They don’t pose the threats that can be prevalent in
silica-based absorbents or “kitty litter.” Unlike old-school absorbents, newer organic products are largely dust-free, non-carcinogenic and safe to inhale. Some are safe enough that workers can clean their hands with them and tools can just be wiped off. Products include loose absorbents, booms and socks. (more…)

Organic Absorbent

SpillFix, an industrial organic absorbent, is made from a byproduct of the coconut called coir, which is an organic, renewable resource that is non-carcinogenic, contains no chemicals and is silica free. When compared to clay-based absorbents, SpillFix clients need 80 per cent less product to clean up spills in less than half the time, says the manufacturer. SpillFix is dust-free, non-abrasive and there is no after residue, which is often left with heavy, sticky clay or absorbent pads, and it can be reused to clean up more than one spill. [Read full story]

Safety Tips For Home Improvement Projects

Home maintenance and improvement projects are always gratifying when you do them yourself. It may take a few tries to get everything done exactly the way you want it, but at least you did it yourself. In addition to your self-gratification, DIY projects for your home can save you money. You don’t have to hire anyone to do it for you, so you only have to pay for the tools and materials needed. (more…)