A Safe Work Environment Starts with You!

No matter where you work, the risk of injuries lurks around every corner. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) business report 3.4 worker related injuries or illnesses occur per 100 workers. Falls, electrocutions, being hit by heavy objects or being caught between machinery parts cause most of the injuries in the workplace. (more…)

Can You SpillFix That Spill?

Hopefully, by now you know that SpillFix is a great, all-natural spill absorbent product made from renewable resources. Most people know that you can use SpillFix to clean fuel spills and oil spills. But did you know that you can also use the very same SpillFix product that can tackle grimy oil and fuel spills to clean other industrial messes like paint, cooking oil, and even battery acid? (more…)

When Should I Use SpillFix Absorbent Product?

Whenever we talk about an absorbent product, we should always think of that absorbent product as a tool. Like any other tool, when it comes to cleaning up spills at work often times one type of absorbent product will do a better job than another. And as with any other type of tool, different absorbent products will work better on different spills than another type of absorbent product might. Not only that, but the type of absorbent product you use will impact your company’s effectiveness, overall safety, and performance. (more…)

Work Safety And Housekeeping Go Hand And Hand

When combating, dealing with and cleaning any spills at work – from acid spills to chemical spills to liquid spills – it’s easy to assume that the most important tool in your spill cleanup arsenal is a good, environmentally sound absorbent product. But in actuality, there is one thing that’s even more important than your absorbent product: your housekeeping abilities. (more…)

The 4 Big Reasons You Should Switch From Your Absorbent Product To SpillFix

Chances are that if your company keeps an absorbent product stocked up on site, no one has given their absorbent product of choice a second thought in some time, opting instead to continue using the same one they always have. But if you haven’t changed your absorbent product in a year or so, now is the perfect time to ask yourself: are there better products out there that will do their job and also save me money? We’re happy to tell you: Yes, there are! (more…)

5 Ways SpillFix Can Help And Improve Your Worksite

Every worksite should always aim to help its workers and improve its safety measures and work processes. How a company goes about doing these things often depends on the type of work being done and the company’s structure overall. But if your company could find itself dealing with some sort of liquid spill at any time during its operations, we can definitely recommend at least one change that will make a massive difference: introduce SpillFix to your spill clean-up process. (more…)

Could SpillFix Become Your Main Go To Absorbent Product?

When dealing with spills around the workplace, anyone on-site must be ready to both contain and to clean up any possible spill. Typically when cleaning the spill, an absorbent product is brought into the mix. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned over our years of experience, it’s that when you use an absorbent product you want to use the right absorbent product. (more…)

5 Common Questions About The SpillFix Absorbent Product

If you work with absorbent products, then you’ve certainly experienced problems with their use at one point or another. Whether they created an unhealthy cloud of dust in your work space or simply failed to properly clean the very spill they were bought to clean, we’re willing to bet that your go-to absorbent product is not the perfect solution to your needs. (more…)