SpillFix A Necessary Addition To Acid Spill Clean Up Procedures

Different jobs naturally come with different risks, especially when considering how many materials are handled by different industries each day. For example, in some cases, a work hazard may include the possibility of liquid or fuel spills; at other work sites, however, the materials that could potentially be spilled or leaked could possibly even more hazardous to deal with in the wrong circumstances. (more…)

Coconut Husks: SpillFix’s Miracle Renewable Resource

SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent instantly absorbs any liquid spill on contact, so spill areas can be cleaned up with minimum downtime and the area immediately rendered safe. SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent is clean, dust-free and non-abrasive. With SpillFix there is no after clean-up mess to handle as with heavy sticky clay or absorbent pads.” (more…)

Companies Must Prepare and Equip Employees For Offsite Spills

Workplace safety is a term that is relevant beyond the office or warehouse environment. In fact any employee in your chain of production and distribution is under your care. If your company transports products out to fuel distributors, liquid distributors or oil distributors, then the chances are that you understand this better than most. (more…)