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Case Study: Chemical Manufacturer

I’ve been here 25 years and we’ve never had anything that can clean up the polymer.


Chemical Manufacturer


Wastewater Treatment Plant





  1. Save time - 60% faster cleanup time
  2. Save money - eliminated scrubbing with soap and water
  3. Increased safety - no residue left behind, eliminating threat of slip and fall injuries
  4. Minimized downtime


The Henkel facility in Cleveland, Ohio began using SpillFix in 2014 to clean up liquid polymer spills and seepage. The incentive to change to SpillFix was initially due to the fact that SpillFix left no residue and removed any threat of workers slipping and falling.

Duraflex in Hartford, Connecticut switched to SpillFix on May 15, 2016, after a demonstration established that it was undoubtedly the best absorbent available for liquid polymer spills.
In Cuyahoga County Wastewater Treatment Plant in Cleveland, Ohio told us wastewater treatment plants rely on massive amounts of polymer to solidify human waste before transporting and treating it. The polymer is pumped through a large network of pipes throughout the facility, with leaks and spills commonplace at hook up points. Cleaning the spill with clay absorbents could take over an hour, and still leave a slick and heavy residue behind. Workers then have to use water and a commercial cleaning product on the residue, creating a slippery nightmare.

When SpillFix was used to clean up the polymer in 60% less time than the water method – leaving no residue and creating a clean, safe, non-slippery surface – the plant’s head of maintenance remarked, “I’ve been here 25 years and we’ve never had anything that can clean up the polymer. This is a whole new avenue for us.”

Wastewater Treatment Plant, Maintenance Manager

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"SpillFix played an essential role to get us LEAN Certified."