SpillFix® General Purpose Spill Kit – 20L

Product Features

  • General purpose spill kit is suitable for hazardous spills including: oils, fuels, lubricants, paints and most chemicals and mild corrosives.
  • The spill kit contains a mixture of loose absorbent fibre and pads as well as the necessary PPE including gloves, safety specs, coveralls and a respirator plus instruction card and disposal bags.
  • The SpillFix® absorbent is made from 100% renewable Coir peat.
  • The wheelie bin is easily identified as a spill kit and should be placed in a prominent position near where liquids are stored or used.  A content list with reorder codes can be found in the lid of the wheelie bin.
  • Absorbs up to 20L.
  • Note: General purpose kits are not suitable for some strong acids including Nitric and Hydrofluoric Acid.
  • Product Code: SKSF20
  • Spill Kit Refill Code: SKSF20-R - includes contents only.

Item Description

General purpose spill kit for use with any liquid spill. Absorbs up to 20L of oil and chemical spills.

Five yellow stars

"Bar-B-Que sauce is easy enough to clean up when it’s on your fingers and lips, but it’s an entirely different story when a five-gallon jug of it ruptures and flows onto a warehouse floor. SpillFix was applied to the entire disaster area – from the pallet to the cardboard, the shrink wrap and the growing puddle on the floor. In three and a half minutes, the entire mess was cleaned, and the warehouse was restored to a safe workplace again — using just one product. "


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"For rough floors, not sealed, like our parking lot, SpillFix does a much better job than our current product getting into the cracks and crevices."

Transportation Manager, Soda Manufacturer