Sustainable Coconut Spill Absorbent

A lot of companies talk about sustainability. SpillFix lives it. Every stage of the product’s lifecycle is the epitome of environmental stewardship.

A hand full of SpillFix

Economically Sustainable

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Environmentally Sustainable

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Socially Sustainable

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Economic Sustainability

  • Supporting local livelihoods by creating jobs and an economy from a sustainable waste stream
  • What was once waste is now generating a profitable income for local communities

Social Sustainability

  • No Child labor
  • Fair pay for fair work
  • Company healthcare programs
  • Community outreach programs
  • Communities involved in the chain of SpillFix production can sustain themselves

Environmental Sustainability

  • The raw material – coconuts – are grown without chemicals or fertilizers… only rainwater
  • Production requires no mining or deforestation
  • The actual material from which SpillFix is made – the coir from the husk – is literally recovered from the waste stream of the coconut industry
  • With an absorbent capability 1/8 the weight of clay absorbents, SpillFix requires far less energy for packaging, shipping, storage, and disposal
  • SpillFix is reusable until fully saturated and in most instances can be disposed of in non-hazardous landfill


The environmental life-cycle of SpillFix
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"“I’ve never seen anything like it."

Food Industry Distributor